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When the sun sets 


Our first full luxury collection. 

On our app we got into closer detail about how draining and how much work and mental strength it took developing this collection. But, as traumatizing, it was also just as necessary and most importantly, extremely knowledgeable. Allowing up to come up with what I believe to be the best idea for us, debuting the collection look by look, giving us more freedom and bringing the joy of it back to us! 

EN DIEU was created in 2013. Our baby that we built from the ground up. Merchandise being the start of it, to us now sewing our own samples.

To have the freedom and power in being able create each design that comes to us is beyond surreal. I would have never imagined us, here. 

 I’m proud of us. 

 Look 1 available online now. Look 2 close to debuting.

Barbie tube dress available to purchase via email endieu@yahoo.com


Words can’t express our gratitude for the support you all have for us.

We’re just getting started, in a way and we would not and could not be here without you. 



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